Application Integration

Accelerate your journey - Master AMPLIFY Application Integration in minutes

Startup guides

What is AMPLIFY Application Integration?

Integration tools

Connect and Integrate cloud applications easily. 170+ pre-built cloud connectors and powerful integration capabilities.

Publish and share, open up and integrate - Make your legacy applications API ready and simplify the integration of these applications with other (cloud) applications.



Introduction to the AMPLIFY Platform

Implementing a Cloud to Cloud integration with Application Integration

Implementing a Cloud to Ground integration with Application Integration

Integration Builder

Creating a Connector Template in Integration Builder

Configuring a Custom Connector in Integration Builder

Instantiating a Connector in Integration Builder

Creating a flow Template and instantiating a Flow in Integration Builder

API Builder

Introduction to API Builder

How to automatically create APIs from your databases in API Builder

Deploying a Project in API Builder

Unified Catalog

Introduction to the Unified Catalog of the AMPLIFY Platform

Publishing to the Unified Catalog of the AMPLIFY Platform

Subscribing to Unified Catalog Content

Flow Central

Introduction to Flow Central

Importing a flow pattern and building a flow template with Flow Central



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